Saturday, 12 January 2008

BASICS@Henry's Cellar Bar 17 November 2007

It's almost 2008 but don't tell that to the crowd tonight at Henry's Cellar Bar, as Basics pays tribute to the fine times of original rhythm and blues.

Greaser boys with quiffs and suspenders and ladies with 60s dos and dresses decorate the small dancefloor with moves from an unforgotten era. The tunes here are like no other club around as residents Davie and Kev serve up a celebration of soul in its purest form - original tracks on first release vinyl. That said, the precision of sound is so remarkable that it's hard to believe that these obviously well-cared for records are over fifty years old. The sharpness of quality cannot be shaken, even through all the grooves, booze and boogie. A commendable show by all.

As seen in The Skinny

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