Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Twilight Sad @ Cabaret Voltaire 06 September 07

It’s a welcome wonder when relatively new local musicians start to suddenly cause a lot of noise. This particular band has already swept up devotions of indie ears all over America and the home crowds are taking notice too.

Like tonight… The Twilight Sad summons an audience that packs every nook and cranny of Cabaret Voltaire just as they did less than a month ago in Edinburgh at Bannerman’s frustratingly spaceless pub. Both venues are apparently too small to contain everyone who wants a glimpse of the savoury Scottish foursome before they really hit the big time, a hope that is rapidly multiplying. Agents are lining up to book them in and music journalists are practically handing out generous reviews (afraid this is no exception) of these boys as they carry their collective talents and influences to intriguing new places. That’s why these meager walls are crammed tonight, no one wants to be left behind. The capacity is also hardly enough for the overflowing clamour that envelops the wee cavernous den. With a singer who is unafraid to roll his Glaswegian r’s and a style that pays obvious homage to some of the 90s’ best moments (think My Bloody Valentine), TTS create a rapturous and deafening explosion of sound that shivers, silences and delights. It’s an intense experience and it’s an important one and everyone knows it. Not a head is left without a ringing and no one cares. It serves as not a nuisance but a reminder that TTS are really fucking good. No wonder the word is out. And if their fully booked 2007 calendar of gigs from Illinois to Oslo is any evidence, TTS will cause a commotion for quite a while yet.

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