Saturday, 2 February 2008

Broken Records @ The Caves 31 January 2008

The latest buzz on the Scottish indie scene is Edinburgh's own Broken Records and it is their surging reputation alone that has brought myself and curious others out into a terrifyingly cold night and into the Caves with such swelling expectations. Knowing only vaguely of what's to come thanks to MySpace Music and a friend's reeling recommendation, it seems a good enough excuse to venture out into this winter's fiercest weather yet.

After everyone has thawed out almost entirely, the band finally get things started with what looks like a damn good party. Comparisons to Arcade Fire and Beirut that have swirled about are understandable now, mainly due to an abnormally large number of musicians on stage (seven) and their interchanging instrumentation including that ever-familiar accordion. But still there's something about these locals that set them apart and make them difficult to match with their note-worthy predecessors. Their transcendent sound entwines with mind-boggling ballads like the nostalgic, weeping sadness of Nearly Home that only January nights like this can inspire to punchier, jig-worthy indie pop that really works like the violin-frenzied A Good Reason. It's a beautiful show of artistry down to the very words they are singing yet somehow it seems this isn't all they've got. The best thing about Broken Records is that they are only getting started and have undoubtedly plenty more tricks and treats than already witnessed and will continue to make this frigid city a very proud one as well.

As seen in Is This Music?

Footage from an acoustic gig inside Avalance Records:

Broken Records Live - video powered by Metacafe

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