Sunday, 18 May 2008

Review: The Villiage

The Village / 16 South Fort Street, Edinburgh EH6 4DN 0131 478 7810

Buried in a quiet Leith neighbourhood is a bustling and friendly little pub, The Village, with its stylish purple exterior and a reputation for being a remarkable wee venue too. Leithers aren't exactly hurting for a quaint place to bang back a bevy, but it's always good to get acquainted with any unsuspecting gems that carry on right around the corner. My flatmate and I make our way there on foot using a tip or two from Google Maps on one of the nicest evenings of the Spring. We arrive pleased with our discovery and make our way to the bar to begin the casual and relaxed evening. Tonight's indulgence involves one (okay, maybe three) Guinness (2.75) and one (or two) large white wine (3.75) served by not one, but two cheeky bartenders. This pub immediately feels like home with a couple of faces in the room that I recognise and banter going around from the ones I don't. We mingle through to the adjoined room with local photography that lines the walls, several cozy leather sofas and a good two dozen live acoustic afficionados listening intently to the entertainment the Leith Folk Club has to offer tonight. It's a sweet sight and it's confirmed that this is the perfect place to enjoy some of the acts lined up for the upcoming Leith Festival that will feature 150 events in 50 venues within a one mile radius. Over the course of the night, rumours make their way around of the special guests coming soon and they include New York Americana folksters, Sherman (June 4th), Kevin Mongomery - son of a couple involved with Sun Records (June 5th) and Tommy Allsup, a man that they say played with Buddy Holly (June 5th). The festival runs from May 30th to June 8th and The Village in particular plans to host a healthy amount of appearances by various Leith Folk Club artists plus an evening with East Coast Bluegrass on June 10th along with a long list of other acts. The Village is a crackin' little joint that is an obvious fan of its community and all it has to offer. Go to for a complete guide to all the upcoming festivities. OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat 12pm-1am Sunday 12.30pm-1am

Also in Bite Magazine June 2008

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