Saturday, 12 July 2008

Restaurant Review @ Bijou

Love Leith yet? You soon shall

I live about four, five minutes away from Bijou and am kicking myself for discovering it only now. Located in the Leith Links, Bijou's bistro is quaint and cute, the staff all smiles and sweetness. Bijou has a different and fun approach to serving food as the menu plays the 'numbers game.' As our dear waiter informed, everything listed (apart from the steak) can be done in bijou (small), medium or large portions. Great concept for the indecisive diner and allows you to design your own meal. How much do you like fishcakes? If your love is medium-sized, then two fishcakes it is. Brilliant, yes? My friend has just the one bijou fishcake (£3.75) to start. From what I gather from its brief existance, it's more fish than cake and yummy indeed. My starter is fresh cream of celearic soup in bijou size (£1.95); I wanted those spoonfuls to never end. It was perfectly salted and did not warrant the pepper I placed on top prior to tasting. Even better though is the Bijou beef burger. A large would have been a triple-decker so I have the bijou (£4.50) of one outstanding homemade burger with capers, relish, a yogurt and mint-dressed rocket salad and chips. I'm a bit picky about my burgers and this one more than excelled in quality, freshness and flavour. My friend has the medium portion of veggie haggis bon bons- they come in sets of three, six or nine! They're tasty and complemented nicely over a bed of lettuce, red onions, apples and a honey and grain mustard dressing (£6.95).

Sadly, the numbers game (we had fun with this!) ends here but desserts took our mind off of it, namely the raspberry marscapone cheesecake and the chocolate cherry mousse (both £4.25). They are rich and full of guilt and make me particularly thankful that I didn't indulge in that triple-decker moments earlier!

This hidden gem is better than I can even tell you and you get far more than what you pay for. Bijou also does smoothies, breakfasts, BYOB and carry a Wi-Fi connection. Don't just pay them a visit, tell all of your friends to as well.

Bijou / 2 Ristalrig Road, Edinburgh, EH6 8BN 0131 538 0664

Mon-Fri 8am-9pm
Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 10am-5pm

Also in the August 2008 issue of Bite Magazine

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Sara said...

Wow, Kelly, this made me incredibly hungry... veggie haggis bon bons!! Lemme at 'em. Hello from the States! —Sara Miller