Monday, 18 August 2008

Festival Review: La Clique

It's mid-August and the festival is already a bit exhaustive for us reviewers. Some of what I've seen, I've yawned through, watched the clock through or spent the entire time trying to make sense of the incohesive ways in which an act attempts to fill an entire hour slot.

Not at La Clique. During the break, I was already texting friends to say they were crazy not to have come to the most unstoppable show of 2008.

The wow-factor is perpetual at La Clique. Not for a second did my eyes cease sparkling with wonder at the unspeakable trickery and amazement happening before me. I found myself perma-grinning, applauding every chance I got and sitting on the edge of my seat, my body language alone begging for more.

Just like at the circus, you'll love these freaks. In this ferociously fabulous bowl, you'll find the acrobatic gents who defy gravity and balance, a super-duper hoola-hooping beauty and a juggling extraordinaire called Mario who remarkably stays in rhythm with Another One Bites the Dust. There's also a strip-tease magic act where Ursula Martinez really does go there, a hilarious double-jointed trip through a pair of tennis rackets and a Diet Coke advert waiting to happen that involves gymnastics, a bathtub, a lot of splish-splashin' and a half-naked hottie.

Even audibly it is a sensation, from the soul numbers by a sensuous cabareting puppet to Beethoven to Queen to Balkan brilliance-it is all magnificently at high volume and heightens the spirit to an already tremendous show.

Get a ticket now, get there early and be prepared to get soaked, either by bath water or pee-in-your-pants laughter.

  • La Clique
  • Spiegeltent
  • until August 30th (not Mondays)
  • 23:15

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