Monday, 18 August 2008

Festival Review: Stephane Grappelli Centenary Concert

n the final hours of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, an endearing homage is paid to a late great virtuoso in the Stephane Grappelli Centenary Concert. A mature crowd of jazz afficionados are entranced with a healthy two and a half hour celebration of the career of French jazz violin legend, Stephane Grapelli. A trio composed of accomplished musicians in their own right, (reuniting two of whom worked extensively with the man himself) perform not only orginals, but other songs they knew Grappelli to have adored during his life.

The most noted accompaniment to Grappelli is Martin Taylor, an English solo jazz guitarist who toured with the Frenchman for a decade and who has a classical style that is brilliantly unlike anything many have heard before. Taylor alone draws a crowd and is full of Grappelli stories and anecdotes as well as the ability to amaze an audience with his obvious ingenuity. He is joined tonight by Jean Philippe Viret, a French double bassman who charms everyone with a bow-incorporated solo steeped in splendor, and Romanian gypsy violinist, Florin Nicolescu, whose stunning sound they claim embodies Grappelli's the most.

Together they bring heaps of talent to one stage and do not fail to also, very sweetly, bring to life their unforgotten friend and hero.

  • Stephane Grappelli Centenary Concert
  • Queen's Hall
  • 3rd August
  • 20:00

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