Monday, 18 August 2008

Festival Review: Tea Dance

Tea Dance is a unique opportunity for the ticket holder to BE the show rather than just an attendee. Smack bang in the middle of the open-air patio inside the Pleasance Dome, my dance partner and I are taught the basics of the foxtrot and the waltz by a lovely and terribly patient couple from the Fly Right Dance Company. Embarrassing myself in front of an unexpected audience of festival goers is more exhausting than you think, which makes the arrival of cocktails and canap├ęs all the more welcome. A couple of vodka and ginger beers later, I care not about my two-left feet, the snickering or the pointing of fingers. The next half hour seems a tad less daunting, the footwork a smidgen more graceful and the fear of attention non-existent. You may not turn out to be a regular Fred and Ginger, but it's fun nevertheless and you'll leave feeling fonder of the festival than when you arrived. But with stage fright like mine, I'd recommend a drink or two beforehand-same advice if you're a hopeless dancer! No matter what the apprehension or who you are (spectator or victim), this different way to do the festival could be just about anyone's cup of tea.

  • Tea Dance
  • Pleasance Dome
  • 3rd -25th August (not 11th, 18th)
  • 18:30

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