Sunday, 12 October 2008



As patrons mingle in from the street, it seems as though Browns Bar and Brasserie is the place to be, and it feels great to be amid a vibe so vibrant on this Saturday night. It is my first visit here and I'm surprised that I never knew of the cool elegance abiding in this establishment all along.

The hostesses sweetly usher us in, give us a number and direct us to the bar where we must look out for our number to flash from above. Admittedly thirstier than hungry, this sounds to us a great plan. One Grey Goose martini in, and our cozy corner table beckons.

The flatbread at Browns comes in several tempting variations but we go for the prosciuto, chorizo, rocket leaves and roasted peppers drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction. This is something our attentive waiter recommends, and I certainly can as well. It is gone in seconds and I have already determined that this alone is a reason to return.

My main is an even more sensational mix of flavours- crispy duck, watermelon and coriander salad with plum dressing. Watermelon, you ask? Yes, watermelon, and how genius to complement the duck with such a wonderful, subtle fruit that I rarely see on a menu, much less on a salad alongside other top notch ingredients. With each bite extraordinarily different from the next, it is officially one of my favourite dishes in town and I'm already planning my next attack.

My friend's seafood platter is huge: a chargrilled prawn skewer, smoked trout, sweet roll-mop, marinated anchovies, crab claws, smoked mackerel and Browns crab mix. All of these goodies prompt constant nods of approval, and we decide to share both mains since a. I want an anchovy and b. the many varieties of fish on her palate need a break every now and then.

No room for dessert really but we greedily manage the tart trio (rhubarb, lemon and chocolate), which hits all the right taste buds.

Did I mention we weren't really that hungry? Well maybe we were wrong but thirsty still, a couple of espresso martinis sends us off merrily and with aplenty satisfaction.

Browns Bar and Brasserie
131-133 George St
Edinburgh, EH2 4JS
0131 225 4442

Mon - Fri 8 am-11pm
Sun 9am-11pm
Fri and Sat 8am-12pm
Bar open everyday until 1am

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