Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Treatment Review: Hot stone massage



Unwinding with hot stone therapy

On the day of my massage, the president-elect of the US had just been determined and although staying up pretty darn late to hear such admirable and exciting results should be a relieving experience, my body felt differently. Maybe it was the nerves clinching and twisting my muscles into an insane knot before the landslide rolled in, and maybe it was time for change indeed, at least for my body. Nevo certainly came to the rescue.
The hot stone thermotherapy is a treatment dating back thousands of years and although many people prefer the holistic version, Nevo's Billy does the more authentic method of using the stones to actually massage your body into oblivion. Instead of gliding the stones across different parts of the body, they are used as tools to liberate any ravaged tissues and muscles from what ails them.
Several different sizes and weights of incredibly smooth basalt volcanic stones are used to massage minerals like iron and magnesium into the body, making for an experience that is far richer than a normal massage. The heat of the stones, which is should be 54-63 degrees Celsius, allows for the benefits of the massage to reach deeper below the skin and enhances the experience altogether. One stroke of a stone is said to be more beneficial than ten strokes by hand.
Nevo's treatment space is serene, the obligatory candles alight and soothing sounds coming from a pair of speakers. Tucked underneath a blissfully warm towel, I am almost asleep before the massage even begins. The next hour proves as remarkable as I had hoped while the comfortably hot stones and extremely skilled hands geniusly work away the stress and pains that had run rampant in my body moments before.
I'm a complete convert to the stones as something that only enhances the pressure applied without it ever being remotely painful. The heat alone that emanates from the stones enhances the relaxation ten fold. If only everyone knew the pleasure of having their calves rubbed with a satisfyingly hot stone, surely the world would be a far less stressful kinda place!One hour is £45.
Word of advice: Drink plenty of water afterwards, and don't plan on being very useful for the remainder of the day!
91 Montgomery StreetEdinburghEH7 5HZ0131 556 0432www.renroc.co.uk Opening hoursOpen late Mon-Fri Sat 10am-5pm
Also in Nov/Dec issue of Bite Life Magazine

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