Wednesday, 28 January 2009


24 January 2009

No band should ever have to share the stage with this Scottish fivesome who distinctively demand to be seen AND heard. A mod band of the millenium, Modus ('mod' plus 'us') endears its audience with an unrelenting reminder of the kind of fun sixties pop that no other modern day divas have been able to touch.

The era emanates through some nostalgic sounds, including that of a Hammond, tamborine, maracas and the soulful voice of their resident siren, Miss Modus, who initially emerges from the back of the audience clad in solid silver and clinking a cowbell before shaking things up with their single, Club Soul Magic. It's a stunning vision of showmanship as she, and the ensemble of smart-suited modmen, groove their way through songs from their debut album, Kitten Casino. Toe-tapping is involuntary to the last note of Go Go Shake, and Miss Modus descends back into the crowd as we are all left wondering just where the hell they came from, and when will they be back?

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