Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Three local bands with a hot buzz, under the same roof, for what, a fiver? Easy answer.

Could've been an uneventful Wednesday eve indeed but alas, twas saved, firstly by none other than...Jesus. Well, Jesus H Foxx. The opening verse of impressive acapella explodes eventually into a tasty show of Pavement meeting the Talking Heads at a party for The Strokes. Their 'thing' would be the two drummers drumming, and though the songs they're serving up are good, all good things must end, less abruptly. A better defined finish here and there seems like a simple enough kink though and a promising sound such as theirs will surely round itself out.

Speaking of novelty drumming, enter Come On Gang!. It's a damn delightful boy-girl-boy trio who deliver playground punk and an altogether different and diggable sound than anything around, and not just because the singer is also the drummer, who also happens to be the one wearing the lipstick. Her (of course it's a her, people) quite canorous voice swims sunnily through well-crafted guitar riffs and her own percussion in a set to regale the crowd. Hipsters beware, these ebullient efforts won't let you stand still.

Chutes finish the gig in polished sub-stadium style, the pacing stageman clinging to himself through enveloping songs of woeful pleading. Though there are some engrossing, good tunes, it's almost too reminiscient of bands who have been there before (think Joy Divison, Elbow). Their sound is big though and that's why they're headling, but maybe a twist on what's familiar will make Chutes their most powerful.

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