Monday, 23 February 2009


Barely over a year ago, this troupe played in the same venue but back then they were one record deal shy (they joined Camera Obscura on the 4AD label this month), the Broken Records buzz was a murmur, the crowd less sardined - all a stark contrast to the hullabaloo they're clearly causing now. Tonight The Caves is totally encompassed with not only their music but with fans they've collected in their young existence, all of whom devotedly hum along to the compelling sounds coming from the Edinburgh-based ensemble. Their Scottish roots shine through instrumentally and that's what sets Broken Records apart; see the violen-inspired frolics of 'If The News Makes You Sad Don't Watch It' or an accordian-sodden 'If Eilert Lovborg Wrote a Song, It Would Sound Like This.' Layered and lush, perplexing and poignant, the tunes they dish out tonight are proof that this is music to get very excited about. Such an occurance can be seldom so it is advised to get on this bandwagon while one can still get a local glimpse of this thrilling live act while they are swiftly ascending.

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