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Comprised of former Beta Band-ers John Maclean, Robin Jones and Gordon Anderson (also of Lone Pigeon), The Aliens still have whispers of their former sound, but this time a little cheerier, trading the trip hop for psychadelic pop. Now, with their first EP release of the year, the honeyed and harmonic Sunlamp Show, the boys are back with a highly-recommended hometown show at Edinburgh's Cab Vol. Keyboarder John tells The List the latest.

So where are you guys now? London? Scotland?
I am in London, Gordon and Robin are too scared to come to London so live in the Pentland Hills in Robin's case and Fife in Gordon's.

Tell us a little about the recently released EP, The Sunlamp Show.
We usually craft our own EPs with a bit of a theme, but for this one we wanted to give the tune to other people to do remixes. I gave a tune to Robin and he gave one back to me. We also got a Disco Bloodbath mix which is great.

How have you changed since Astronomy for Dogs?
Gordon has bought new trainers and Robin has ditched the much ftted 'headband' look. I've given up trying to make socks and sandals fashionable. Musically we had more time to make Luna because we made it in a cottage in Pittenweem. Astronomy was made in a big fancy London studio, in the heady days of 2005 when record companies gave money to people like us.

Any other projects on at the moment?
I'm making my first proper short film. Gordon is collecting his Lone Pigeon material for release.

What's next for The Aliens?
Well, after this mini tour of eight dates we would usually rest for a year to recover but we have to do these summer festivals - Glasto, Rock Ness and Kelburn Garden Party.

Edinburgh or Glasgow?
Feel I should say Edinburgh because I went to art college there and had a great time and me and Gordon met Robin there at college. But our best gigs were Glasgow Barrowlands with the Beta Band.

Fave Scottish venue?

Do you guys ever make it to any club nights in Scotland that celebrate psychedelia?
I used to run a club in Edinburgh Art College Wee red called Club Prague. It was a bit of an institution, but I DJ hip hop as well as psych, rock 'n' roll, funk, rock, ska etc.


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