Monday, 22 June 2009

LEITH FOODIE SPECIAL: Top five 'newcomers' that have shaped the neighborhood

Though it's been camouflaged by the tramworks since its opening, we still beat a path to the fresh and tasty stuff that awaits inside the airy space it occupies on Constitution Street. Sitting-in or taking away, help yourself to one of their fab soups or even hot-press one of the sandwiches made that morning if you're in a rush. Dip into the deli for homemade hummus to take home or sink into a sofa with a latte and just chill.

This is where the thirsty go for their margarita fix, reason enough without the innovative Mexican fayre also on offer at the cheerful space scenically located on Commerical Quay. They pride themselves on creative stretches on tradition as well as their wide range of sauces (lime and tequila, ranchero hot red, special barbecue, chipotle cream, bourbon Jack glaze, tomatillos and Cancun sauce) and chiles (chipotle, anchos, habanero, jalapeno and poblano). Get in on the special events here such as Bite Club or just stop in and kill a few Coronas con nachos. Muy bien.

Sofi's, located just down from 'the shore', has a sweet baby blue exterior, comfy vibes, damn good music, board games and a gazillion other endearing quirks. Boda's just a wee bit up 'the walk' and is equally adorable because both bars share the same owner, Anna Christopherson, who just knows how to create a great place to hang out and spend your cash on quiet-ish pints. The pubs are also awesome at drawing in the community with nights for swishing, knitting, movies and even, wait for it, jogging! Love!

What they've created here is an eclectic space with mismatched chairs, tables, salt and pepper shakers,and it's also decorated with the same kind of mismatched China tea sets from which the masses come to drink their 'pot-tails'. The food is just as splendid as the cocktails, with the homemade Roseleaf burger being a favourite, especially with cheddar and onion chutney. Yum.

Room in Leith and Teuchtars are a good little team. Teuchters is the semi-boisterous and jolly wee pub with plenty of tables inside or outside so you can have a laugh before or after you saunter down a corridor and into the swanky Room in Leith restaurant. It's as scenic as it gets down here with almost an entirely windowed room to draw your gaze outside when it's not focused on the unbelievably good, creative cuisine made predominately from fresh Scottish produce that awaits within.

Also published in July 2009 issue of Bite Magazine

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