Monday, 22 June 2009

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Zanzero, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

An Italian hero

Typical of Scotland, the weather outside switches from wet to sunny to just plain sordid during my after-work-on-a-Friday venture to Zanzero in Stockbridge. But inside it's consistently bright with fun, colourful surroundings, clean and kind, unlike whatever is going on with the conditions on the other side of the window!

To match the friendly bright green and white decor, the gentleman serving us makes my friend and I smile. He also brings us a starter big enough to share, the Assagini (£8.75), which comes complete with fresh buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted aubergine and Pachino tomatoes. It's a great, generous snack and we sink right into it.

Powerless against the prospect of some truly fresh and fabulous pizza, I'm a sucker for the Picante (£9.50) while my friend has the special of the day (£9.95). Hers is made of focaccia and covered with fried, tender squid, cherry tomatoes, chillies and parsley. Mine is plopped with balls of more buffalo mozzarella, insanely hot chilis and lots of downright delicious Aberdeen Angus beef chunks fresh from The Store in Stockbridge, just one of the many ways Zanzero fuses Scottish produce into their traditional Italian cuisine.

Speaking of tradition, it has to be done with the tiramis├╣. Served uncharacteristically in a dessert glass, we love digging into the light sponge and marscapone cream, espresso and Marsala with long, skinny spoons. We also share a dense and decadent brownie made with 70% Valrohna cocoa and served with Madagascan vanilla ice cream.

Zanzero is casual, fun all-around and a neighourhood favourite that utilises local ingredients whenever possible. We applaud them.

Also published in July 2009 issue of Bite Magazine

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