Friday, 26 June 2009


It's so strange to think that Michael Jackson is gone, when afterall, for me, he has just always been there. Thriller was the third tape I ever bought (after Wham's Make it Big and Billy Joel's an Innocent Man!) It was cream-coloured, the actual tape was, and the plastic cover was worn and broken the last time I saw it. How odd to think that a six year old had such immortal taste in music! (I of course am not referring to Wham, although I did buy the record again relatively recently!)

I think that over the years, any real music lover has tried to separate the craft from the crazy when it comes to musicians like Mike (think James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Ike Turner)and it's times like this that it becomes obvious that the talents are the most unforgettable. Here's to the shit-hot Jackson 5 years, the cooool days of Billie Jean, and even the strange Lisa Marie saga I always associate with You Are Not Alone. May the MJ marathons commence, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough!

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