Saturday, 8 August 2009

FESTIVAL COMEDY REVIEW: Jason Byrne: The Byrne Supremacy * * * *

The potty-mouthed Irishman still manages to make the audience smile and swoon despite accusing a 15-year old boy in the audience (seated with his mum no less) of a masturbation-incepted hand injury and insisting that farting into a cup, which is directly placed in another's face, is ultimately the best way to gross out his sister.

Byrne hits on hilarities of his childhood spent with a lazy eye, or as one audience member so eloquently asserts, his 'cock eye', while being sure not to skip on special adult moments involving poo pains and sex strains, and the belief that ejaculation should certainly come with gun-like sound affects. In the end it's revealed that his shoe-ends are left untied to illustrate his belief in the tap-tap syndrome (ie. irritating the living f**k out of women), and just when the laughter eventually dies down to a chuckle, a song is heard overhead that sums it all up and makes the gutter-minded audience smile as we depart.

Assembly Hall, 6-31 August (ex. 17,24) 20.15
Venue 150@EICC 21,22,28,29 August 22.30

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