Monday, 17 August 2009


So there's this Tim guy, right? So Tim is all kinds of frustrated at his uninteresting name and its unheroic associations as there seems to be no Tim in history, save for a grizzly bear enthusiast, who has ever done much of anything useful. If only he had a name like his friend, Maxwell Thor (Thor!), who is always effortlessly saving the day, as well as the lives of a Volvo full of babies underwater. Despite Maxwell's enviable locks, his ability to exude sex when adorning a skirt, and his name (by God, his name!), he is an incredible friend to poor Tim and agrees to journey with him, a mandolin and guitar in tow, to help him fight his way (and a beast called Da Da Da Da) to being comfortable with being Tim.

Sounds bizarre? You don't even know the half of it. They're ridiculous. In an hour that passes obliviously, these two manage to create an intimate room full of fun, stupidity and silliness that has everyone willing to not only adorn a Tim sticker but eagerly queuing up to do so. This show is an unexpected treat, the sweetest surprise I've experienced during the festival thus far. I was sorry to leave so soon and can't wait to see what this ruthless pair will come up with next. Too funny; just beware if your name is Tim.

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