Tuesday, 4 August 2009

SONG OF THE DAY: Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes

I was lucky enough to hear this song for the first time during a solitary visit to the Lake District, positively one of the very, very best album absorption experiences I have ever had. I couldn't possibly think of a better backdrop to this brilliant album than breathing in crisp mountain air, hiking between the rugged hills, waterfalls and mountain streams. And now this is the scene I immediately associate with these songs. It makes me remember exactly how I felt that day, why I'd left town, how nice the sun felt, how nice the rain smelled, the surrealism of finally seeing Wordsworth's garden, grave and homes after dreaming about it for so, so long and how badly I needed this music at that very moment. I'd felt unable to connect to anything for a while. Ragged Wood stands out to me because of how it's able to be like two songs within one, which is the best case scenario with tunes like this - they're so good that you just do not want them to end.

Listen to Ragged Wood on Spotify.

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