Tuesday, 22 September 2009

GIG REVIEW: Pastels/Tenniscoats

The Pastels/Tenniscoats

Scottish indie gods The Pastels make an anticipated return to stage after a hiatus that has for a few years been spent planning and recording with their Japanese counterparts, Tenniscoats.

Hard to believe that the mere idea of new collaborative album, Two Sunsets, the Pastels’ first in, gosh, over a decade, was conceivable with the two bands based on separate continents but witnessing the finished efforts of this baby live and it’s obvious why they just had to make it work. What a worthwhile and sensible marriage. This is just one of several visits to Scotland from Tokyo that have made this unique and breezy blend so possible, the result is so very soft, wispy, classic Pastels.

With orchestral-esque additions of flute, clarinet and trumpet, Takashi Ueno’s harmonica cries and the oriental distinctions shining through with Saya Ueno’s sweet vocals, this set is a sheer charmer. Highlights include an ethereal Jesus and Mary Chain cover, ‘About You’, the righteous, whispering melodies of ‘Mou Mou Rainbow’ and the utterly rich simplicity of ‘Two Sunsets’. It’s a night where nothing can go wrong, and the Pastels prove they’ve still got game without seeming they have anything to prove at all.

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