Monday, 25 January 2010

FROM THE ARCHIVES::GIG REVIEW:: Dan Deacon, The Teenagers

T on the Fringe, August 2007
Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

It's rare that an opening act blows the headliner out of the water but this is certainly the case tonight in the final hours of T on the Fringe. Dan Deacon is the said opener who composes an imaginataive and marvelously maniacal set of electro-futuristic sounds while turning his hospitable audience into his very best mates. He begins with a chat that confirms his insanity before transforming the performance into an audience participation playground. After a crowd-assisted countdown, there's also a dance-off that the kids embrace whole-heartedly. Deacon is intriguingly fun and his approach to his cosmic creations has a contagious quality that can make ya feel really damn good.

What an impossible act to follow, particularly for The Teenagers. Profoundly dull and tragically talentless, it's hard to imagine how these detestable scenesters secured their names to appear in such large print. With juvenile lyrics that are self-indulged and nauseating like "I fucked my American cunt", there's really no reason any thinking person should ever consider The Teenagers to be as cool as The Teenagers esteem themselves to be. If an hour spent on this band is to ever be remotely forgiveable, perhaps they should steer clear of sharing bills with bona fide artists such as Deacon.

Also published on in August 2007

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