Sunday, 20 June 2010

Film review: Barry Munday

Barry Munday, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
Mon 21 June 21.35 Cineworld,Fountainbridge
Tue 22 June 21.45 Cineworld, Fountainbridge

It's such a pity when a pretty lovable and respected cast such as this chooses to take part in a film that was probably as good and definitely funnier when it was done the first time and called Knocked Up. Who knows who thunk it first but it's also a shame that whispers of 40-year Old Virgin sneak in there too and cause one to leave the cinema feeling as if perhaps it should have been titled Barry Mundane.

It's an enjoyable rip-off though, if you dig the actors, and I do. A believably obnoxious Barry Mundane played by Patrick Wilson likes to invite women out of his league for happy hour at Chilis. He also wears Hawaiian shirts, pretends to do insurance work and drifts through life as your average douche bag until two things happen. One, he has a forgettable but conceptional sexual encounter with the virginal and undesirably-attired Ginger, an irritating character made endearing by Judy Greer, just before he (Two) quite rightly has his testicles attacked by a trumpet and then surgically removed.

Typically, this one night stand turns into more than that and well, let's not pretend that you don't know the rest.

Some special people also include the adorable Chloe Sevigny who plays a Miss Perfect by day and pole dancer by night, and the always welcome face of Cybill Shepherd as Ginger's mother.

It's entertaining once the redundance is accepted but steer clear if you want what most of us want out of the EIFF, something that's wonderfully unconventional.

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