Sunday, 20 June 2010

FILM REVIEW: Thelma, Louise et Chantel

Thelma, Louise et Chantel, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
Mon 21 June 18.15 Cineworld
Tuesd 22 June 20.15 Cineworld

Like Thelma and Louise, Thelma, Louise et Chantel is a feminine adventure but with a middle-aged twist a la Mamma Mia!, all wrapped up in hilarious and raunchy French dialogue with a soundtrack that really kills it.

Three very different old friends come together for a road trip to the south of France in order that they might attend the wedding of Gabrielle's ex and father of her children. As any escapade will do, this one has its detours and so it unfolds that the other two companions have their own interests in this husband-to-be, along with each of their own insecurities, sadness and an urgent need for liberation.

Gabrielle is a vivacious, sexually charged and gorgeous woman who loves the attention of young and older fellas alike, until she discovers more than she wanted to know about the ex. Chantal is a wife and mother in the process of beating cancer, a battle that has robbed her of one breast and thus her confidence as a desirable woman. She can't let go of things like the death of her dog (she carries him everywhere with her in a cooler) and the memories of her dead sister that link her rather insignificantly it turns out, to Gabriella's ex - a revelation that worsens her feelings of being invisible first before eventually liberating her. And Nelly is an English teacher who is quite literally stripped down to her barest bones before she looks at her life honestly enough to make some changes.

Hilarity ensues throughout and though it can be argued that this is another passenger on the train of films about confidence-seeking older women, it will still make you want to high five them all when it's all said and done. It is hot, it is funny and it is, especially, honest. (Kelly Rae Smith)

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