Wednesday, 4 August 2010

EDINBURGH JAZZ FESTIVAL REVIEW: Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express * * * *
Voodoo Rooms
2 August

Brian Auger, acid jazz god and master of the Hammond, brings a flood of sentiment from the sixties in a room full of long-time admirers to the Voodoo Rooms tonight with his Oblivion Express.

The ensemble is impressively comprised of the son of a Sample on bass, and Auger’s own son on percussion; his daughter is the blond born with the amazing chops.

Savannah Grace Auger’s sure-fire voice delivers jazzy, soulful belts that sends shivers. Beginning with a track entitled Truth, she is a chip off the old block as the tune brings life to the room in the form of bobbing heads, shaking hips and tapping toes.

Brian, or as Savannah calls him, ‘the craziest man in showbiz’, flaunts his incomparable skills on the organ in every instance, firing away at the keys with blinding speed. It’s easy to see how he has played alongside legends like Jimi Hendirx, Led Zeppelin and Eric Burdon (the latter also playing in Edinburgh this Jazz Festival - is a brief reunion in the works?). He even recalls to the audience recording with Donovan fiftyish years ago before performing the Oblivion Express version of Season of the Witch - a highlight.

I’d have preferred another hour of way-back-when storytelling but maybe that’s just me. It seems that all is well while the devotees depart, humming with the nostalgia that Auger’s Hammond has commanded.

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