Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Cirque de Legume *

Cirque de Legume *
Gilded Balloon
12-30 August (except 18)

I should start by saying that the next time I opened my fridge after this show, I spotted an onion and carrot and shut the door quickly, somehow now scarred and afraid of these innocent vegetables.

Circus of the vegetable. Hmmm. Okay so there’s a couple of clowns. The scenes that flash before me, the ones I’ve tried to block out, involve a girl clown shoving carrot after carrot into boy clown’s mouth while he pretends to be the ‘horse of Spain’ and chucking chunks of orange bits onto the stage and into the audience; she also crazily beats the ‘horse’ with lettuce and leeks until they’re also torn and shred all over the place.

Another flash reveals an onion striptease, which he promises us to find ‘most a-peel-ing’. I love the pun but the rest, weird. Funny? In a slightly terrifying and confusing way, yes. In that sense, there is much laughter.

Now I’m sensing something else - oh yes - there is the bit where she is hypnotised by the radish I believe it is. ‘How ‘bout that?’, they ask. It’s all they say basically throughout the entire show, which is, I admit, pretty cute. Oh yes, the radish - she is made to believe she’s a mouse or a rodent of the sort from Poland, and then furiously eats the radish, leaving her face gooey, wet and red-tinted. A bit of the red of some peppers/pretend knives also regurgitate out of boy clown’s mouth, and onto the stage.

Basically two people spend an hour playing strange, bizarre games/roles with vegetables; the other people stare aghast at the scene while praying that they’ll be spared from flying chewed-up veggies.

I have managed to muster up one star because one person did actually get it, and yelled ‘Bravo’, so good for her. I also respect that I will have this story to tell for ages to come; I only hope the fear of carrots will subside sooner than later.

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