Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Like Little Girls in a Sweet Shop * * * *

Like Little Girls in a Sweet Shop * * * *
theSpaces on the Mile @ The Radisson
6-14 August (not 8)

These are true stories, told with real tears. Four girls act out verbatim conversations told by their own mothers in a delightful piece of theatre that turns out to be just as touching as the concept itself.

The multitude of events that can happen between four women in the 70s is extraordinary. As teens, there are crushes, boys, silly dates and smooching; but there are also moments quite unforgettable like being picked on by the Mean Girls because she is less fortunate or seeing grossly unjust abuse over dropping a slice of bread.

As adults, the intertwining of joy, heartbreak and devastation continues: being blissful when a marriage begins; honeymooning at the Isle of Wight; a child is born when it’s already dead; miscarriages are a fact of life; and a marriage ends when an affair is admitted one Christmas night.

It’s all told charmingly by these grateful daughters and one could scarcely think of a more beautiful way to honour their very different, but all very phenomenal, mothers.

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