Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Lovelace: A Rock Musical

Lovelace: A Rock Musical * * *
The Udderbelly’s Pasture
10-29 August

Porn plus musical plus late night antics = does it really get any better? Add a mulleted redneck/disco pimp with a 70s shirt that barely buttons up over his hairy chest and protruding beer belly, and you’ve got yourself some fine entertainment. Well not ‘fine’, but entertainment still.

This biographical musical depicts the life of Linda Boreman cum Lovelace, from pregnant teen to woman-against-pornography, via stellar vocals and hilarious lyrics. With the books, music and lyrics written by Charlotte Caffey of The Go Go's fame and Anna Waronker from LA band That Dog (her father is the man behind Dreamworks), the tale is conducted like a sung-through rock opera.

It divulges Lovelace's claims of having an unsupportive mother that robs her of a safe haven, an exploited career in porn that began and continued as rape at gunpoint, and her eventual escape and redemption in campaigning with Take Back the Night. Through all of the sexual, mental and physical abuse endured, this story maintains, she never saw a cent of the billions made by her main claim to fame, Deep Throat.

Amid the heaviness, there’s also plenty of t ‘n’ a for the naughty, lyrical laughs for those in need of comic relief after a long day of lackluster festival comedy, and one hour that will quickly pass you by without 'sucking' really at all. August 2010

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