Monday, 20 December 2010

Best meal of 2010

My goodness, 2010’s best grub isn’t easy to
narrow down. It could be any one of the
many meals my boyfriend (amazing chef) has
made for me, or the April afternoon spent
with a favourite friend in NYC eating
Colombian tapas and drinking white sangria,
or a massive farewell feast at Chop Chop in
March. But what makes me really smile is
Mother’s Day. I spent one fleeting day with
my (surprised) mother, sis, nephew and bro-in-
law back home in South Carolina. My sis
and I ate greasy fried green tomato and
pimento cheese burgers, shared mama’s
peach cobbler, and washed it all down with
the champagne of the South: sweet iced tea.
Held onto each second, loved every bite.
There is no taste like home.