Monday, 20 June 2011

EIFF 2011 REVIEW: The Caller

The Caller

Imagine what happens when Lost, with its freakish jumps in time, meets Sleeping with the Enemy, carnival scenes included. The result is nothing short of nonsense.

Divorcee Mary (Rachelle Lefevre, of Twilight fame) moves into a new apartment in San Juan and spends most of her time being stalked and scared by either her psycho ex-husband, Steven, or more often by what is thought to be a crank caller. Oddly, Mary spends enough time speaking to the stranger to learn that her name is Rose, she’s frantically unstable, and, eventually, that she is calling from a year that is not at all the current one.

The film takes slightly intriguing twists from this point forward but what is meant to scare causes more of a startle, and what is intended to be stressful produces more of a yawn. The script is awkward, the plot riddled with holes, the concept unoriginal and the acting embarrassing. Rachelle’s Lefevre’s pretty face is the only saving grace.

Cameo 1, 20 June 8pm, 22 June 8pm

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