Sunday, 21 August 2011

EDINBURGH FRINGE REVIEW: 4 Poofs and a Piano * * * *

4 Poofs and a Piano - Business as Usual
Aug 3-28
Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance One
* * * *

An audience intent on seeing a production featuring 4 Poofs and a Piano expects nothing less than a stage furnished with a furry, animal print-covered piano, fairy lights and a disco ball; and so the scene is set for one highly-homosexual hour.

The Poofs appear to the tune of 9-5, outfitted in heels, a tutu, fishnet stockings (nice legs there, honey) and leopard print pants (special treat for the front row) - this the first of several entertaining costume changes.

They keep all of the ladies laughing and the men amused with their diva-tasic antics and crude but commendable songs (blow up doll included) like Where Have All the Real Men Gone (“to Scotland!”), and I Love Porn (“in the morn”) - the latter of which is accompanied with some tap dancing because they “like porn on tap.” Obviously.

Another giggle-inducing number is done impromptu-style with suggestions from the crowd to compose a hit love song with the ingredients of elbows, passion and sleet, before the final medley of comically-amended showtunes (every showtune, ever) performed ever-so-fabulously with some fun pokes (no pun intended) to today’s brand of reality showbiz stars.

Good fun for all who appreciate some honest-to-goodness penis humour put to song, and don’t we all?

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