Sunday, 21 August 2011

FRINGE REVIEW: Carey Marx * * * *

Carey Marx - Laziness and Stuff, Gilded Balloon, 9-28 Aug, 10.15pm

When you’re approaching the end of a fest-frenzied day of getting crammed into balmy little venues, when you’ve got big headaches and even bigger expectations, this is the man who will step up and bitch about the things that piss us off all the time. And we like it.

A tired and hard-to-please audience isn’t a very popular one but Marx rises above it and makes us laugh, in spite of ourselves, at stupid rules (bolted hotel windows? ‘air is free!’) and lazy comics (‘the clitoris isn’t that hard to find!’). Within minutes we’re sucked out of our shells into a world where we abandon all modesty and happily entertain the hilarity of his ‘amazing' floating testicles and their capability to decide what’s for dinner.

The highlight of the hour has to be the recap of that annoying conversation we have all heard some girl mouth over her mobile (sexist or just a fact?), or the moment when you realise the person walking in front of you has stopped walking for no distinguishable reason seemingly but to ignite in you just a little more rage.

Marx perhaps takes it too far with the fat jokes and the rabbi rape but, to his credit, asks if we’ll go there with him and, at this point, no one dares to mistrust his lead; we love that mischievous but smart path he’s led us down and choose to deal with our conscience later.

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