Sunday, 21 August 2011

FRINGE REVIEW: Daniel Sloss - The Joker * * *


Spiegeltent @ Assembly, 11-29 Aug, 7.35pm

We get to know a lot about Daniel Sloss in The Joker, his latest tag-line in a so-far trilogy of song-titled shows.

The 20-years-young Scottish comedian loathes vegetarians, admittedly mistakes sticks for snakes, is certain that old people ‘f*cking hate’ him and has recently split up with the star of quite a chunk of his material, his girlfriend.

The race to ‘who will win the break-up’ gets a good, loud applause, and it’s clear that Sloss, so comfortable in his skin and on this main stage, will scarcely be lost for more laughs without his other half. The self-proclaimed ‘smug c*nt’ with a ‘prick haircut’ is actually amiable as can be, and ‘tis an all-smiles experience to walk with him to the shop counter to buy tampons, and sit in his kitchen as he ‘comes out’ (as a comedian) to his family. Hilarious.

Hard to believe that comedy that seems perfected into something so effortless and unruffled is the product of such a young ‘un, and there’s a Speigeltent full of fans tonight that are surely anticipating future family- and lady-related scenarios for next year’s song.

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