Sunday, 21 August 2011

FRINGE REVIEW: Henry Paker-Cabin Fever * * * *

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Henry Paker packs a lot of hearty punches into one hour of imagining what cabin fever would result to if stuck inside a cave full of strangers inside Kilimanjaro.

But first, he marvels at the beautiful city of Edinburgh - except for the rain - and likens living here to dating the most gorgeous woman in the world, who has a bit of a dribble.

His impression of a stubborn Scot is hilariously impressive indeed, as is his of a Frenchman ordering a pasty, and he proves to truly be on his toes when undeterred by outside distractions, such as a loudly dumped bin bag of glasses (‘Kilimanjaro caterers’).

What nagging philosophical questions would arise in such a claustrophobic setting? Perhaps these: How annoying is the ‘insert’ button? And the caps lock? What emotions are meant to be evoked by the ‘?!’ within a text? Who ‘saves as draft?' (?!) How good and mysterious is the ‘dot dot dot?'

Many worthwhile explorations are made in finding the answers and it makes for one very enjoyable and swiftly passing hour.

Henry Paker - Cabin Fever, Pleasance Hut @ Pleasance Courtyard, 8-29 Aug, 8.30pm

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