Sunday, 21 August 2011

FRINGE REVIEW: Mark Dolan: Sharing Too Much * *

Mark Dolan: Sharing Too Much, Gilded Balloon, 10-26 Aug, 7pm.

It’s difficult to assess Mark Dolan as an unfunny man despite this largely unfunny performance.

His set is full of all the newsy headlines other comics in town are already getting their crack at (this week’s London, Harper Seven), or equally obvious and unamusing observational things, such as Argos’ resemblance to a bookie (it wasn’t that funny the first time I thought this), and Ryanair being a rip-off (huh, whoodathunkit).

These disappointing moments, devoid of belly laughs, monopolise the set but, thankfully, Dolan shines when interacting with the audience, proving that he can be a funny guy. He mistakes a 30-year-old woman for a 14-year-old girl who not only works for the Scottish prison service but (seriously) buys the methadone. He (and we) all have fun with this one, before he accuses a rising P.E. teacher of “basically studying to become a c*nt.”

Perhaps the less-than-radiant bits were uncommon struggles, but I’d rather save a few quid and hang out with any number of my overly-hilarious friends than spend cash on comedy that’s reliant on the punters to help him get a good chuckle.

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