Sunday, 21 August 2011

FRINGE REVIEW: Lloyd Langford: The Cold Hard Facts of Life * * * *

Lloyd Langford: The Cold Hard Facts of Life, The Stand V, 4-28 Aug, 10.05pm

You know it’s been a good show when you hear the words ‘Good night everyone’ and it hits you with great disappointment, and a bit of disbelief, that it’s already over.

So was the case with Lloyd Langford, a Welsh funnyman whose perpetual grin is infectious indeed. His drunken audience is no obstacle as he hilariously interacts with them, and he even gets some good jokes out of the sirens heard outside the venue as well as the ever-developing story on his cold sores.

The non-improv stuff is funny, too, and I am still telling people the one about his first day of work at a factory. Too good. Highly recommended as one of those surprise shows that knock you dead in the funnybone and turn an otherwise-boring weeknight into a moment that keeps you smiling for days.

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