Thursday, 18 August 2011

REVIEW: David Sedaris

David Sedaris, EICC, 16-20 Aug, 6.30pm.
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Whether he’s reading story about a dog licking its nether-regions (Squirrel Seeks Elephant) or a youth sporting a Funky Motha Focka t-shirt (Standing By), Sedaris still manages to do so intelligently, and were it not for the farting airline stewards (aka ‘crop dusting’) and the infinite piles of sh*t rampant in China, you’d be fooled into thinking this talk was all a very civilised affair.

Sedaris demands to know why only he has ever led with a story on the poorific ordeals of the Orient, and elaborates on his findings there in terms of unappetising food, phlegm and other antics seen as fantastically odd through the eyes of a foreigner.

Much fun is poked at his home country in I’m Not Running for President, where he breaks many-a-balls involved in the circus that is American politics, and he summons more prolonged laughter with anecdotes on roadside North Carolina billboards and his own witty one-liner diary entries.

His memoirs have not lost their juvenile hilarity over the years and, thankfully, the 54-year-old author is still observing the behaviors around him with a detailed mockery that the self-indulgent pessimist in us all can only relish.

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