Monday, 22 August 2011

FRINGE REVIEW: Vive le Cabaret * * * * *

Vive le Cabaret is a rolling cabaret and so you won't get the same show twice, but it seems that one can rest assured that the team is dedicated to delivering top entertainment in extraordinary variety.

Des O'Connor is the charismatic host who more than wings it despite contending with a hoarse voice – a result of the festival taking its toll – and soon has the audience is wrapped around his finger.

The ladies love one act's take on the Diet Coke commercial, and instead of a construction site, this hot workman's office is a pole on which he steamily maneuvers himself around, and up, and down. Before Etta James' I Just Wanna Make Love to You ends, skin-loving oglers are not disappointed.

Other acts include the Kitsch Kats' choreographed journey through call centres the world over (Glasgow is a favourite), a razorblade-eating magician with a knack for reproducing lost condoms, an eye-catching X-ray hoola hooper, juggler Mat Ricardo's (really) wonderful world of trickery, and comedian Paul McCaffrey's jokes about train travel and self-indulgent storytellers, which have everyone doubled over.

A top surprise is Schlomo, a one-man machine who can seemingly do anything with his voice and proceeds to wittingly teach us how he masters it all. And best of all, a wine-sipping and lustrous Camille O'Sullivan, a Fringe favourite year-after-year, to say the least. Her captivating presence is felt at once, and her rapturous and raw a capella leaves us all breathless and wanting so much more.

One swiftlly passing hour, recommended for the Twitter generation whose attention span is just right for solid snippets of festive excellence.

Vive le Cabaret, The Pleasance Courtyard, until 29 Aug, 10.30pm

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