Saturday, 17 January 2015

FLASHBACK: Bite Life Magazine, Edinburgh, Scotland 2008-2009

Organizing my office today, I found some old issues of Bite Life, the fashion, health, and beauty magazine I edited while living in Edinburgh, Scotland. This little magazine was one my biggest joys, and I love reflecting on those days. 

A recent graduate from journalism grad school, I'd been editing and writing for Bite, an Edinburgh-centric food and drink magazine. A quarter-page big, you can see why Bite was such a great name for the foodie mag. Anyway, my boss had the idea to launch a spin-off publication with me as the editor-in-chief. I of course jumped at the chance to curate my own magazine. 

As editor, it was my job to attend fashion shows and visit all the new shops. For the health section, I wrote a body, mind, and soul feature occasionally, which involved me reviewing massage therapists and, one time, spending the day at a spa inside a castle. Goodness, those were the days!

One my favorite issues is obviously the very first one. Among other things, I wrote about Rowan Joy, an amazing Edinburgh designer who often reworked vintage to give it a modern twist, turning it into something that encompassed her signature, unique look. The cover girl (above) is wearing beautiful items from her collection. I also love the cover because she's posing inside one of my very favorite pubs. 

Since Bite Life never existed online, I cannot provide any links, but here are a few images of what once was. Because of the heavy lifting my publisher had to do for two publications, Bite Life had to go after only one year. 

I'll always remember that year as not only the year of living it up in Scotland's capital, but I'll also remember it fondly for the beautiful little magazines I curated all myself and created with the help of a lot of amazing writer friends like Lindsay Bower, Michelle Wards, Annie Cassidy, Alison Grieve, and Tom Farrington. 

Here's to you, Bite Life!