Thursday, 19 May 2016

CCP: The Resurgence of Tapes

I rarely post my City Paper articles here these days — there are just far too many every week so I like to save myself from that tedious task. However, I'm pretty proud of this one. It was fun to research tape labels and speak to so many cool folks running groovy tape-oriented operations all around the world. I could have penned a book, and that wouldn't have even begun to cover all the interesting things happening with tapes, y'all. Here's a linkie dink to the piece here, and another linkie dink here to all the other music pieces I've penned for the CP.


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

SC Living Magazine: The Kazoo Museum, Factory, and Shop, Beaufort, SC

This was a fun piece I did for SC Living Magazine on the Kazoobie Kazoos' Kazoo Museum, Factory, and Shop in Beaufort, SC - not far from Charleston so the perfect day trip. I took my boyfriend there for his birthday, and it made for some real silly fun. We giddily left with T-shirts, several kazoos, and two big ol' smiles. Also great for your Beaufort day trip: Mikki's Schoolhouse Diner about 10 minutes away from the kazoo museum, the Highway 21 Drive-In Theater, and - on the way to or from Beaufort from Charleston - the Old Sheldon Church ruins. And if you have even more time, a wander around Huntington Beach Park will leave you totally and utterly breathless - seriously it is like an otherworldly paradise. Oh how I heart the Lowcountry:)